Don’t Forget Yourself

Photo by mikoto.raw on Chaotic, loud, busy and cold were some of the words that would properly describe this particular Wednesday evening within the Central Business District (CBD) of Nairobi. One minute I would walk past two guys singing in unison and perfect rhythmic chants "Bei mia. Mia soh!" (The price is 100 shillings) [...]

The Unorthodox Treatment

It all begun with acidity in the abdomen which then shifted to pain on the left side of the stomach with incidences of nausea and difficulty in breathing.  It then gradually progressed to blood in the urine and not being able to put a single spoon of food in her mouth.  Wrong diagnosis, a lot [...]


Photo by Nandhu Kumar on "Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one...happy new year people!" shouted the hyped up MC while frantically running up and down the well lit up stage.  The long awaited moment had finally arrived.  As the confetti fell onto the ground and the music begun to play, [...]

Dear Mini-Me,

Photo by Viajero on Nine years ago, my late aunt got pregnant with her fourth child and my family was very ecstatic about this mother-hood journey aunty Vero was embarking on. You're probably wondering what the excitement was all about since this was not her first rodeo. She had walked this path before not [...]

If Only…

Photo by Jess Bailey Designs on Sixteen young teenagers, eight boys and eight girls have evenly been spaced out in their classroom, a metre and a half between each student. Dressed uniformly in sky blue dresses with circular collar flaps (for the girls), navy blue shorts, sky blue shirts (for the boys) with red [...]

X’es and Y’s

The 17th day of October, 2003 was a warm, relaxed Friday which I looked forward to because like every other school Friday, most kids in our neighborhood got released from school earlier than other days. I never fully understood the hype that came with being released a few hours earlier from school probably because my [...]